Welcome everyone to “The Forex Truth!” I’m EWB (a.k.a. CrashingMedic) and I have been a trader since 2004. I started this site in 2006 after successfully selling “The Forex Truth – What Every Trader Needs to Know…,” commonly referred to as the “TFT Trading Package” on eBay. I later released my personal trading strategies which I called “Complete Trading System,” or simply “CTS.” The original version of CTS was called “CTS 4X” and was designed exclusively for Forex trading. As I began migrating towards the indexes I customized a new version and called it “CTS Indices.”

From there my focus shifted to personal mentoring of a few individuals at a time. This caused me to become too busy to continuously update the “TFT” trading package and “CTS” systems, which is why they have not been available since 2011. The menu bar above has a section called “History.” Please have a look through the various links for descriptions of the “TFT” package and “CTS” systems their availability status.

That said, I have decided to rededicate the focus of this site to sharing with you all the best FREE trading information I have learned through the years. This will be a continuous work in progress so please check back often for the latest updates.


Good Fortune To You All!


EWB (a.k.a. CrashingMedic)