These indicators are absolutely fantastic! I have used them religiously on nearly every chart for the past year. I don't trade without them!

The creator of these indicators used to rune his own website which has since been closed. The TFX indicators are only available exclusively
through me.

I bought 2 of these indicators originally and the seller sent me the other 3, FOR FREE! I purchased the unlimited resale rights for all the
indicators and am now making them available to you at a great bargain. The price they were selling for on the above website was @
$50-$100 each!

The owner of the TFX indicators is an honest man and his TFX OBOS indicator is one of the main indicators I use in all of my trading
systems. I have been very pleased with all of the indicators over the past few years and if they didn't work, I wouldn't have included them
in this package. I would never make a trade decision without them. They are that important to me.

Here they are…

  • TFX Pivot Points
  • TFX OBOS Oscillator (Over Bought / Over Sold)
  • TFX Pivot Pro
  • TFX Reversal
  • TFX Trend Bar
"TFX Custom Indicators"
"TFX Pivot Points"
This one calculates the Fibonacci pivot point retracement levels during the current trading day. These levels are extremely accurate and
need to be taken into account when trading. The large banks and institutions pay close attention to these levels and you should too. Take
a look at the screen shot below of the GBP/USD and you can see just how accurate they are.

This indicator is based on intra-daily price ranges and will require a full day of data to produce reliable pivot points. The only time this will
be of any concern is when trading on Sunday or Monday morning until the previous 24 hours worth of data has accumulated. After 24
hours worth of data has accumulated, this indicator will show you where market turning points are very likely to take place.
The TFX OBOS Oscillator (Over Bought / Over Sold) is an indicator that was created to effectively locate overbought and oversold areas
within the markets. It is designed to show areas of oversold as "-0.8" or below and overbought areas as "0.8" and above.

This indicator is one perhaps the best banded oscillator I have ever found. I use it on nearly every chart. It is also extremely accurate on
both the 15M and 1H time frames. Take a look at the screen shots below and see for yourself.
"TFX OBOS Oscillator"
"TFX Pivot Pro"
The TFX Pivot Pro is an indicator which will locate the current support and resistance levels within a market. It plots the 7 major pivot
levels (Pivot Point, R1, R2, R3, S1, S2, S3) as well as the 6 mid pivot levels (M1, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5). Most standard pivot indicators
disregard the mid-levels, but as you can see below, they are excellent for spotting market turning points.

This pivot indicator changes the pivot levels based on the GMT time set by the broker's platform. In most of the MetaTrader4 platforms I
have used, GMT 00:00 when the day begins. This is the same time as 17:00 EST. This is the time of the New York Central Bank closing
and is very significant. Large banks and institutional traders often use this time to calculate their pivots. They are highly accurate and very
reliable for day trading.
"TFX Reversal"
This indicator plots dots on the chart where the market is likely to turn around. These dots are plotted in real time and do not re-paste. I
have been using this indicator for nearly a year on 1H & 4H charts and I assure you that the signals are plotted in real time and the
indicator does not re-paste. It is absolutely awesome and a wonderful addition to any trading strategy.
"TFX Trend Bars"
This indicator changes the candles, much like the Heiken Ashi indicator. It better identifies direction and momentum during a trade. The
below charts show a comparison of regular candles vs the TFX Trend Bars.
These indicators sell themselves. The really great thing about all of these indicators is that they compliment each other and work very well
together. I've included several screen shots below of different currencies and different time frames. Take a look and see how they work to
give you the absolute best trading signals possible.
Well, that's the TFX Indicators in a nutshell. Remember, all 5 of them come with "The Forex Truth" package. Be sure to check out the
"Money Grid" page, the "EWB Custom Indicators" page and the "TFT" page for complete information about what's all in "The Forex Truth"
package. I hope this has been helpful.

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Good fortune to you.

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